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About Safeguard

Safeguard Roofing, Inc. strives to be the most honest and reliable roofing company on Long Island. We pride ourselves on our professional approach, and our attention to detail is second to none! While working with some of the sharpest, creative, and well defined roofers in the industry, SafeGuard Roofing Systems install exactly what their name says, "Roofing Systems".  We use every available piece of material, from an aluminum drip edge to border the roof, to high quality ice shields to help prevent pesky ice dams. One of our higher end roofing systems offers a synthetic breathable underlayment as a form of covering the deck surface, or we can use the more commonly sought after, conventional tar paper.

Safeguard Roofing Systems handles Roofing projects seamlessly. Let our qualified staff come and assess your situation and discuss the options that we can offer you.


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