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MATERIALS USED for New, High Quality Roofs

One of the most valuable qualities Safeguard has a roofing company is that weonly use the greatest quality materials. There are a lot of roofers out there who will give you a great price on a roofing project, but will supply you with low quality materials which can cause your roof to have major problems within just a few years of its construction. With years of knowledge, we save you the time from having to take a chance of having a negative experience. We want you to feel more than at home, we want you to enjoy a roof of a lifetime with the quality Safeguard provides to you on a professional and exceptional level.

Each form of material is carefully calculated and measured to be proportioned in a manner that gives longevity to your roof. Especially if you live on Long Island and go through trecherous winters, hurricanes, strong heavy winds, and rain storms that put wear and tear and your roof. This is why it is so important to have good quality materials and people who know what they're doing while working on your roof. It will only benefit you and the look of your home. If you're in search of a Long Island roofer then Safeguard Roofing is for you!

Below are of list of materials we use on a daily basis

Drip edge comes in white or brown so we have options to match the color scheme of your House

Secondly, we install an ice shield to the eaves (6ft), in the valleys and under all flashings. When the ice shield bonds to the deck, it is virtually impenetrable, sealing around any nail that is driven through it. We install ice shield to all "high risk" areas.

When it come to covering the rest of the deck, we offer two different options.
We have a synthetic underlayment  which is called Deck armor. Deck armor is a breathable materials which allows humid or moist air to escape from inside the structure. We recommend this product on houses with particular ventilation issues, or cathedral ceilings.However, For most of our projects, we use a traditional tar paper. If you are interested in the synthetic  underlayment, let us know during your consultation.

We prefer to install GAF Timberline HD Architectural roof shingles. We have used this product for years and trust the quality materials that GAF provides. Along with our 10year labor and material warranty, we also are able to offer you a GAF Manufacturer warranty.

Lastly, we install GAF cobra ridge venting to the peaks for the proper ventilation on your structure. We cap the roof using a GAF hip and ridge cap shingle.

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